Sell a property
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    The auction and the transaction


The seller provides all the documentation of the property (town planning certificate, cadastral survey, etc.) and signs an exclusive sale mandate.

The agent appointed by Kaaja carries out an inspection of the property and checks its status and compliance with the documentation.

In the event of positive verification

If the documentation is compliant and complete, Kaaja proposes an appraisal value for the property, the base auction price and the reserve price.

In the event of negative verification

In the case of non-compliances of the property or lack of documentation, Kaaja offers the possibility of bringing the property up to standard or recovering the missing documentation at an extra cost.


Once the documentation has been positively verified.

Kaaja proceeds with the preparation of materials for the publication of the property, publishes the property and starts marketing activities. Kaaja manages visits to the property, in person or online, and responds to all requests for information on the property.

The auction and the transaction

After about 4 weeks, Kaaja starts the auction, boosting the process with communication activities aimed at all interested parties, and collects the offers.

At the end of the auction, Kaaja:

  • collects the signed purchase proposal and the deposit from the highest bidder and submits it to the seller.
  • pays the deposit to the seller net of the agreed commissions.
  • assists the seller at the time of signing the deed.