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Kaaja manages properties for sale only in Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna and Turin.

Selling on Kaaja is easy and allows you to shorten times and reach the best price in a few steps.

  • Very professional real estate agents
  • Innovative marketing techniques
  • The best in class digital technology
  • An efficient customer service, active 7 days a week

Step 1. The evaluation of the property

Complete property and documentation check to get a fair market evaluation

Documentation and inspection

We ask you to provide immediately all the property documentation (town planning certificate, cadastral survey, ...).
Thanks to this, our area agent carries out an inspection of the property and verifies the status and compliance of the documentation.

In the event of a positive check

That is, all documentation is compliant and complete - Kaaja, through a detailed property evaluation, suggests to you a reserve price (base price acceptable) and a listing (or buy now) price, which will be published on
If you agree, an exclusive mandate agreement will be signed with one of our Kaaja-verified area agent.

In the event of a negative verification

That is, discrepancies or deficiencies are found on the property documentation, Kaaja offers to you a further service for bringing the property up to standard and/or recovering the missing documentation.

Step 2. Advertising and visits

Great advertising effort to show your property to every appropriate buyer.


Kaaja proceeds first with the preparation of all the materials (propaedeutic to the publication) then publishes the property on
Moreover, at zero cost for the seller, the property is published on real estate national and international portals and its visibility is increased by innovative marketing activities.

Visits management

The advertising effort drives every appropriate buyer to book a visit in person or via video.
All the showings are managed by Kaaja’s agents and they respond to all requests for information on the property, supported by the customer service team, active 7 days a week.

Step 3. The management of offers

Real offers to sign a purchase proposal quickly.


You can receive “Buy It Now” offers within a few days of publication and first visits, online and guaranteed by a deposit. In this case, the real estate agent will immediately submit the offer to the seller for acceptance.
Otherwise, when a concrete interest in the property arises or a set date, the auction starts and the online bids are collected, in the same way as for buy now offers - online and guaranteed by a deposit.

Purchase proposal

After several showings of the property, Kaaja gathers best offers and:

  • Collects the purchase proposal and the deposit, and submits it to you
  • If accepted, pays immediately to you the deposit net of the agreed commissions
  • Assists continuously both parts at the time of the deed
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