Onboarding and Advertising

When selling a property, the focus on how the property is shown is crucial. Kaaja takes care of all aspects related to information, documentation and multimedia to promote your property through the highest quality service.

Photo, home staging and Virtual Tour

First impression is crucial; Kaaja makes your property stand out creating virtual tours and professional photo shooting sessions with the newest home staging technologies.

Information and documents

Kaaja strengthens clients’ interest through detailed and concrete properties’ description. Furthermore, it supports the seller in documentation gathering, always online accessible to have informed buyers and make the process fast and secure.

Promoting the property with tailored marketing activities

Guaranteeing the highest visibility to the property and reaching the proper client are Kaaja objectives. To do so, Kaaja developed its own technology platform and proprietary methodologies to create tailored marketing activities focused on selling the property.

Best content for each property

Promoting each property starts from creating customized content that could attract clients. Kaaja has a unique team dedicated to graphics and descriptions to generate engaging content that promotes every property.

In Italy and abroad

Kaaja, thanks to its multiethnic and multilingual team, is able to promote each property in every corner of the world. The vast amount of potential Italian and international buyers increases the opportunity for each seller to receive purchase proposals.

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