Buy with Kaaja

Kaaja is fast, transparent, safe and guarantees a purchase with no worries. Find out how to buy your next property in 3 simple steps.

Preparation for commercialization.

Publishing and promotion.

Buyer management and agent support.

Choose the property and book a visit

Our calendar to book online a visit is updated in real-time.

Documents verified for your safeness

Choose the property you are interested in by consulting the property page and the documents that certify the state of the property.

The documents are all checked by Kaaja staff in order to avoid nasty surprises at later stages of the sales process.

Are you interested in the property?

Book a visit directly online. The calendar that you find on the property page is always updated, so that you can choose the date and time that is most convenient for you. Once booked, the visit is already confirmed, without having to wait for further confirmation from the agent. Our real estate agent will show you the property, answer all your questions to allow you to understand if the property is the right one for you.

Make an offer online

Online, in a few minutes: secure and easy.

Is the property the right one for you and you don't want to let it slip away?

Submit a binding offer “Buy It Now” mode in minutes at requested price to secure the property, or make a free offer leaving others to counteroffer.

All you need is to fill in the form with the requested information and guarantee the offer by paying a deposit by credit card or SEPA transfer.

If the offer is at the “Buy It Now” price or higher, Kaaja gives you immediate confirmation. If not, we undertake to give you an answer regarding its acceptance by the seller within 21 working days, during which the seller reserves the right to evaluate other offers.

Do you rather participate in the auction for the property you are interested in?

Participating in an auction is very simple. Just insert a credit card to guarantee the offer and define the offered amount. All bids presented during an auction are public (even if appropriately made anonymous) and you can check at any time if yours is the highest. At the end of the auction, if the best offer is at (or higher than) the reserve price, the purchase proposal - filled in and pre-approved by the seller will - be sent to the buyer. In the event that the best offer is lower than the reserve price, the seller will have up to 5 working days to evaluate it. If rejected, the auction will close without awarding the auction. If accepted, the purchase proposal will be regularly sent to the buyer for signature.

More on private property auctions.

Finalize your purchase proposal

A few simple and quick steps to conclude the purchase proposal.

The next steps

Upon receipt of the purchase proposal, the buyer will be asked, within 5 days, to:

  • pay an initial deposit of around 10% of the offered amount;
  • pay the auction fees equal to 3%, net of the deposit taken from the credit card at the time of the auction;
  • digitally sign the purchase proposal;
  • provide any additional documentation. including anti-money laundering (AML) forms, consent to privacy and a declaration regarding the existence of conflicts of interest.


At this point, the seller will have to carry out all the checks required by the relevant legislation. Subsequently, the parties may set a date with the notary for the deed.

If the bidder does not proceed with the purchase

In the event that the highest bidder decides not to continue with the purchase, he will lose the deposit authorized during the auction. In this case, Kaaja will contact the second highest bidder and continue the process in the same way as described above.