What are property auctions?

Kaaja real estate property auctions are online auctions in the private sector: an alternative way to sell and buy a property quickly and efficiently.

Quite different from foreclosure auctions, which, due to their origins and sales process, concern properties with overdue debts, subject to judicial proceedings, Kaaja auctions are based on the principle of offering a quick, transparent and qualified service to all the players involved.

People who decide to sell with Kaaja's property auctions, by setting a minimum price, can complete negotiations in 5-6 weeks, while buyers can win a property at the best price.

Private online property auctions are already widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries and are now possible also in Italy thanks to Kaaja.

Private Property Auction

The properties sold by private auction are freely marketable properties, therefore not subject to court constraints.


All the properties auctioned by Kaaja are not only fully documented to certify their status, but are also available for all types of visits and inspections before the auction closes.

Placing a bid in the auction

All parties interested in the purchase (individuals or companies) can participate in auctions by making single or multiple bids for amounts they deem most appropriate. To place a bid in the auction, it is necessary to register and provide a credit card to guarantee the binding offer.

End of the auction

At the end of the auction, the winning buyer must follow up on his offer by paying a confirmatory deposit and signing the purchase proposal. If the offer is lower than the reserve price, the seller reserves the option to accept the offer or not.

What are the benefits?

Kaaja property auctions offer many advantages to both the seller and the buyer.


It is possible to visit the property in person or remotely, through a registered virtual tour or with our agent who shows the property live.


You can assess every aspect of the property by reading its published characteristics and downloading all the documents online, as well as seeing all the offers received in real time.


They enable you to always get the best price.


It is possible to complete the entire purchase process in less than 45 days.


The entire procedure is guaranteed by Kaaja and each bid is visible anonymously and in real time, to all participants.

Why Buy At Auction

Kaaja auctions are transparent and fast, but above all they assure the buyer absolute peace of mind.

Kaaja allows the buyer to:

  • Check all the property-related documentation available online.
  • Visit the property at the time and in the manner most suitable for you.
  • Place binding bids with a few clicks and instant raises.
  • Buy the property at the best price.

Why sell at auction?

A Kaaja property auction is your opportunity to put a property up for sale quickly and get the best price.

Kaaja enables you to:

  • Estimate the value of the property.
  • Check the availability of all the necessary documentation.
  • Validate the compliance of the property itself.
  • Collect and receive offers with utmost transparency and conclude the sale.