Authentic period villa to be fully restored

Authentic period villa to be fully restored

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Valsamoggia - Crespellano, frazione Calcara

Via Borghetto, 2, 40056 Valsamoggia BO
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  • 1226 sqm
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The area

The property is located in Valsamoggia, a land dotted with castles and fortifications in the province of Bologna, rich in natural landscapes, valleys and hills. Gateway to the Apennines, the city is welcoming, rich in nature, landscapes and extraordinary human, artisan, cultural and food and wine excellences. In this corner of Emilia-Romagna, the pleasant landscapes, meadows and wide valleys are an invitation for the observer to experience sensory immersion. From the high plain, the valley rises to over 800 meters of Savigno, giving emotions to tourists and travelers curious to discover new historical-artistic itineraries and fascinating views. To tickle the curiosity of those who explore the beauties of Valsamoggia there is also its millenary culture, made up of crossings of civilizations, starting from the evidence of the presence of the Etruscans up to its most evident landscape feature, the medieval castles, together with the churches and what remains of the ancient parish churches.

Property description:

For fans of period residences and conservative restoration, we offer splendid and authentic period villa to be restored with structural and conservative interventions. Eighteenth-century villa, located in the open countryside in the frame of the Bolognese hills, originally a residence connected to agricultural activities, it was embellished and frescoed during the nineteenth century. A rare jewel, with an authentic and timeless charm, permeated with history and the glories of the past. This work, despite the need for renovation, still retains all the charm of its history, its essence and constitutes the concrete trace of those who wanted, lived in and loved it over the centuries. The villa, free on 4 sides and divided over 6 levels, is composed as follows: GROUND FLOOR: - Large entrance - Disengagement - 4 magnificent rooms: lounge, lounge, living room, dining room - Kitchen - Study - Utility room - Wonderful chapel - Bath FIRST FLOOR: - Disengagement - 7 spacious bedrooms - Study - Large lounge - 2 Balconies - 3 bathrooms - Utility room SECOND FLOOR: - Disengagement - 9 bedrooms - Kitchen - 3 bathrooms - 2 closets THIRD FLOOR (ATTIC): - Ceiling - Balcony FOURTH FLOOR (TOWER): - Gallery - Balcony FIFTH FLOOR (TOWER): - Belvedere In 1902, the renovation of the old manor house began. The final project, with the over-elevation of a floor for the Villa and the tower in the center, started in the spring of 1903. In 1904 the Guardassoni's paintings were restored, the whole building raised by one floor and the tower was set up. In 1905 - 1906 the tower was inaugurated: closed at the base by a window supported by an iron frame whose central part could be lifted by means of a winch. In this way, in the summer, with the windows of the tower open, natural ventilation of the rooms would have been obtained. In 1906, the entrance to the Villa from via Mercati (now via Ferrari) was arranged, building a metal gate and two now lost pillars. The only remaining evidence of the old entrance are the fir trees that flanked it. Later, other works were carried out to further embellish the complex: in 1929 the property returned the main entrance to the road that runs along the Samoggia river, planting the long avenue of lime trees and building a beautiful portal at its beginning, still in its place. The balcony was built, under the two windows of the attic, and the wooden balcony on the first floor. The one instead, around the tower, was built before the last world war.

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Property documents

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  • Purchase Proposal (Template)
  • Project & Finishings
  • Work Permits (PDC, SCIA, DIA, CILA)
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Property details

  • Surface (sm)
  • Rooms
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  • Floor
    Ground floor
  • Building floors
  • Contract
  • Year of construction
  • Property type
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    To be refurbished
  • Availability
  • Furniture
  • Energy efficiency
    G - 375 kWh/sqm year
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  • Air conditioning
  • Garden
  • Outdoor spaces
    Balconies; land owned (14,765 sqm): park (10,208 sqm), avenue with old trees (402 sqm) and agricultural land (4,155 sqm)
  • Attic

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Market analysis

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    € 270.000


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    € 9.979 ca.

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    € 941 ca.

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    13.044 - €63.644

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